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Monday, September 19, 2016

November, 2016

I can't think of a better title....

I'm terrified of the current positioning of my country.

In November we have two potential outcomes, each of which is terrible.
The first, most heinous, and the one I predict to pass, is that Trump wins the election.
The second is that Hillary wins the election enraging the hoard of armed Trumpites to the possible point of a violent revolt.

Trump's current rhetoric and position closely mirror those of Hitler in the early 1930s in Germany.... during the time when the Nazi party had a HUGE following and great support in THIS country, too. BEFORE the atrocities began. Trump's rhetoric is following that path clearly and perfectly yet so many people who follow him cannot see that the nice brick walkway they are treading upon leads to mass oppression and genocide. They are angry. They are angry at how the government, and the political system have mistreated the people for their entire lives and they have every right to be. They have grabbed onto the one beacon that they feel shows them a way out of that oppression; but, they're all wrong. That beacon is the candle which they, all moths, will burn and die by.

I fear that Hillary winning will lead to controversy as 75% of this country will question whether she came by the victory legitimately. A third of those who question it will be relieved that she did, a third will be furious that she did and the remaining third will stop caring shortly thereafter because they cannot be bothered with politics except when the presidential election is about to happen.

I fear that, regardless of the outcome, we will be placed on the brink of a second American Civil War. If Trump wins the war will begin when the more reasonable states refuse to cooperate with fascist mandates from the White House; if Hillary wins the war will be brought TO the White House. This election could, literally, split this nation into two parts..... which could then split into further subsections (for example: Texas is financially solvent whereas most of The South is not so Texas would likely cut itself free and become its own sovereign nation, leaving the rest of The South to whither and die on their own).

The northeast will continue with their liberal views and advocate for equality for all and for everyone's right to have a good job. The Pacific Northwest will join them.

The midwest will fracture and be the main battlegrounds for this conflict.

I don't want this to come to pass but I see it happening so clearly. The only thing that can prevent it now is US, working together to promote a healthy future instead of an oppressive regime and NeoReign of Terror.