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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quantum Theory and Time

There are two things that we all experience yet no one understands. One of these things is gravity, the other is time.

There is a debate about time right now. "Does it exist?" is one of the main core questions. Another is "how does it work?"

There is one hypothesis that all of time exists simultaneously and another that every possible outcome of every possible event also exists in an ever-increasing branching of the timeline.

If time is, in fact, a dimension like space then I don't think that it is impossible that both of these are correct. Time, itself, may be a dimension like height, width and depth. When one considers it as such it is NEVER possible to return to the same coordinate because time has ALWAYS changed. You may be able to match the point in all of the other dimensions but time mas moved forward, making the overall coordinate change.

If this is the case then every single potential configuration of the matter and energy in the universe may exist. They may all exist simultaneously along the dimension of time. If this is the case our perception of time works much the same way that a flip-book works (which is also how movies, etc work): our senses perceive the incremental migration of time (physicists has proposed that time is granular rather than contiuguous and the smallest time interval is called a Planck Interval) as a continuous flow.

If this is how the universe works then quantum theory dictates how EVERYTHING works and Newtonian Physics describes the rules on how me move from one Planck Interval to the next. Newtonian Physics would be what opens certain paths and closes others.

The questions are: is it possible for duplicate consciousnesses to exist on parallel paths through the field of universal configurations known as "time" or do we have only one stream of paths? Will we ever be able to build a technology that allows us to jump to a different configuration of the universe that is NOT in the contiguous line of our own and move forward from there? What happens if to paths through the time field collide on the same configuration?