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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Warm Beach and the Cold Tide

The beach is warm and welcoming. The sand is a comfortably warm glow coming up from the ground and it feels wonderful on your bare feet. Sun shining down with exact perfect amount of warmth and radiance to be pleasant without and inciting a concern for burn.
The tides come and go: that is just the way the sea works. Even so there is still a momentary shock when the sand goes from the comfortable wants to eat chill foundation upon which stand. You knew the tide had to come back in, it always does, but the sadness of the transition is always shocking.
The chilled darkness advances slowly crawling up the beach and consuming the warmthin which you have been comfortably bathing.
The sand feels more rigid and firm as it becomes damper with relentless tide.  Yet, somehow, your feet are slowly being pulled into the sand as the wetness allows it to move to make way for you. Chill laps over your feet and starts to climb your legs. You feel the impulse to free your feet from the sand and run but there's nowhere to go because the tide is patient and relentless; it will chase you and it will win.
So, in place you stand, waiting for the inevitable as the water rises.

The initial chills of the encroaching darkness are always the most unpleasant sensation when you were enjoying the warmth of the world because it means that you are going to be swallowed; That you will drown.
As the darkness continues to climb she'll burrows into your soul down to your bones. This is a chill that's no fire warm. This is a chillthat must be in endured.  The cold, silent, and lonely depths will eventually recede if you can survive The darkness that will envelop you.
As the tide rises to your chin, forcing all the heat from your being, you wondered if you have the strength to make it until the waters recede again.

The beach is nice but the menacing tide can kill.


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