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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Everlasting War - fiction

For countless generations the colony had stayed small and followed their own rules.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The glossy mirror of forever

The ship sails on.
The vast, dark sea mirrors the heavens in every direction; no souls to be seen.
The ship glides along its path; silent, still, sleeping.

Not a soul stirs aboard her decks; nary a soul would dare.

She carries the depth of darkness as her sole passenger; death, riding the ceaseless tide.

The ship sails on.

An infinity of distance surrounds her; a never-ending expanse.
This is the sea of eternity; the sea of the damned.

They're all in it, just below the surface. They stare up through the shimmering surface Hopi g to see the heavens above but, instead, see an undulating glass wave being sliced quietly open by the passing reaper on his patrol.

The ship sails on.

The river Styx ends here; the ship is the ferryman' vessel. It glides about the darkened expanse to deliver the worthy and sink the un.

The ship sails on; cutting the surface. Of the infinite hereafter to make room for the new souls.

The still, cold water is ready to receive however many the ferryman can bring; always hungry for more.

The ship sails on; delivering the dead forever.