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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Cauldron

Note: this one is not, exactly, a story but it is a narrative form so it is labeled as such.

The surface is sometimes calm and placid but at others times it is a roiling mass of colors and viscosity churning into a vortex.
There are some things that can induce one behavior or another from the surface, but sometimes the contents act out as if of their own accord.

This level of independence makes it hard to predict what shape the fluidic surface will take at any given moment. It could be a green mass as smooth as polished granite or a black and oily whirlpool that threatens to pull anything into it. It could emit a warm and friendly glow with tantalizing and relaxing waves rippling the surface or it could be a cold and hard reflective surface of deep blue and silver; shunning any perception of what lies below.

The colors and densities change without pattern in an ever circulating representation of what it is to be human; what it is to feel; what it is to emote.

What it is to be.

The tempests sometimes bring great frustration and pain to any daring to brave the surface waters but they can also bring great rewards of contentment and peace.

Only the cauldron of one's heart knows the secrets of what it will pour onto its owner at any given moment.

David's World - fiction

What is reality and consciousness?
What if it isn't really real?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Venue - fiction

This is a short concept story about a venue that is able to get very special performers.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Time Travel

Time travel as portrayed in movies is not science fiction; it's science fantasy. 

There are many reasons I make this claim. The first has to deal with the actual science as we understand it- but I'll skip that for now.

The reason that intrigues me the most, and prompts this post, is spacial displacement. The earth is not the center of the universe; even if it were it rotates on its own axis. The  earth moves around the sun which rotates around the center of our galaxy which is also moving through space. AND space itself is expanding. 
Because everything is moving all the time ANY time travel would result in an arrival somewhere other than the desired location. Marty McFly wouldn't have ended up in Hill Valley of 1955; he would have ended up breathing vacuum in the Oort cloud.

This, of course answers Stephen Hawking's question "if time travel is possible where are the time travelers?" They're floating in space somewhere FAR FAR away.

On a plus side: unless you are able (and want to) do some SERIOUS math you can always answer "Do you know how fast you were going?" with an honest "No, Officer, I do not."