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Saturday, September 7, 2013


It's amazing how one can exist in a near permanent state of non-life. A state of mere subsistence and animalistic survival instincts. It's amazing how one can trudge through that existence and still fight to continue it.

While, simultaneously, others can have much, much more to their lives and dread each waking moment for the pain and suffering and boredom that it brings.

The universe holds such wonders, even when one is contained to the insignificant spec that is our world. Yet, our lives and modern barriers prevent us from experiencing them. It's almost as if all the wonders of the world exist to tease those who cannot experience them into wanting to hold on for the possibility that, someday, they will be able to afford to experience some of the wonders rather than the duldroms of their daily lives.

We spend our lives; each minute, each second, wanting to do things that we can't and failing to recognize many of the things that are right there in front of us.

And yet, as horrible as that sounds, we can't be blamed for it. Our very minds, due to aeons of evolution, have been wired to search for more and not be content. That has been a survival mechanism that drove our species to expand and seek more resources so that we can expand our tribes and make our lives better.

This mechanism is what causes the poor, and the rich alike, to be dissatisfied with what they HAVE and to always want more.

I want more. I want more things and I want more experiences. I want less boredom. I want more meaningful interaction.

You want more. Whether you will admit it or not you want more of something.

If you don't want more I want to know how you achieved the state of inner peace that you have..... because that is something I want more of, too.