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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

System Administrators

On my way home from work the System Administrator Song came up on my iPod.

It's a great song for anyone who does tech support.

It caps off a day where I had to go to a room with 5 desktop computers. #1 was being re-placed in the room after being repaired. The user in that room stated that #4 just did not work and that #5 logged anyone off as soon as they logged on.

I restarted #5 and logged in without an issue.
I tried #4 and, sure enough it wouldn't boot. I took one look and found that it was unplugged.
I went to hook up #1 and found that someone had pushed a crumpled up piece of paper into the USB plug for the keyboard. I have to fish it out with a unbent paperclip.

In 10 minutes I had the two new "problems" resolved simply by trying the MOST BASIC of trouble shooting ideas.

It never ceases to amaze me that people won't try looking at the power cord to see if it is plugged in.

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