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Monday, November 29, 2010


Gravity is an interesting thing and it is something I think about often.

The truth is simple: we have NO IDEA how gravity works.
We don't even know WHAT gravity IS.

Gravity appears to be a force generated by all matter, but WHY?
We understand magnetism.
We understand electricity.
We have NO IDEA on gravity (we also know nothing about the weak and strong nuclear forces).

Gravity is also anomalous in that it affects light the same way a glass lens does.... or does it?
We SEE that it does, but maybe the light doesn't experience any effect at all. Perhaps the space that light is traveling through is what it affected, making it LOOK like light is affected.

Then there's the question of Dark Matter.

80+% of the universe HAS to be some mysterious, non-interacting material that we refer to as "Dark Matter" for our current (very limited) understanding of the universe to work. This mysterious dark matter material is required to provide the gravitational force that allows for everything to form the way it has.... or does it? Is dark matter, perhaps, the force of gravity of parallel universes leaking into our universe? If so, does that mean that gravity is really a strong force but that is bleeds through universal barriers and, thus, is spread thin?

There are so many questions about this and the answers will amaze all of humankind when we figure them out.

I hope I can see what technological marvels these answers bring about.

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