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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's not unheard of that an independent candidate will split the vote of the non-Republicans causing the Republican candidate to win.

It is VERY odd when the Democratic candidate splits the vote that was going to the independent candidate allowing the Republican to win.

That's what's happening in Maine today (or has already happened). Elliot Cutler has the least-bad (and in some ways good) campaign. Mitchell, the Democratic candidate, got votes from people who were terrified of the Republican candidate (Paul LePage); people who might otherwise have voted for Cutler. The end result is that it looks like Cutler will lose (or has already - he has announced he concedes, but I suspect a re-count will happen to make sure).

It's a terrible, yet interesting, statement of the times that the independent candidate would have won except for fear of the republican candidate and that fear split the vote allowing the republican to win.

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