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Monday, November 15, 2010

An Idea Alone....

An idea alone is worthless.
I have LOTS of ideas.
Some of them could make me LOTS of money.

The problem is that the idea, alone, is worthless. One either needs the knowledge AND skills to make the idea a reality OR know the people who can help you make the idea a reality.

For several years I have been harboring an idea. This idea could make MILLIONS if its price point were inexpensive enough to be available to the average consumer.
My step-father and mother could use at least five of the devices AND the corresponding service in their business (if it were inexpensive enough) and they are just one tiny convenience store.

The idea is for a small, cellular-enabled device that has a temperature sensor in it. When a certain temperature threshold is reached it sends an alert. Very simple. A wide-range of uses. Recurring income (the ongoing alert service).

My problem is that I had/have NO IDEA who to talk to about making a prototype. I do not know who to speak with to get a prototype that can be mass-produced in the cost-effective range.

I know who to market the device to (and there are MANY markets) should I have one that is working AND affordable to purchase... but I can't get that far because I can't get the device made.

Why I am talking about this great idea? Why am I risking letting someone else know about it and implementing it first? Because someone already has.

Notice I haven't given away all of the markets that I know I could market this product to... because I know that those markets could be worth something. I could still develop a competing product... but not unless I know WHERE to go to to get it made. I either need contacts or cash or a completely different education to make this a reality.

Sigh. So many other ideas in my head. I've seen several come to light already, often in implementations that are not as good as the one in my head.

I wish I knew all of the right people.

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