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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being a "Grown Up"

There are lots of things that we ALL have to do to function properly in society. All of those things are part of what it means to be an adult.

Some of things are easier for some than for others; but they ALL have to be done.

Things like cleaning up after yourself on a regular basis instead of leaving messes for others to deal with.
Things like getting a job and going to it.
Things like paying bills.
Things like dealing with emotional pain instead of dwelling on it.
Things like moving past it when a friend makes a mistake.
Things like seeing how your actions are causing others to hurt and stopping those actions.

Basically, not being a child about things.

These are all NORMAL parts of life.

I am tired of the people I know who can't handle their NORMAL adult responsibilities:

People who can't clean up after themselves when they have NOTHING better to do with their lives because they are completely and totally unWILLING to confront their psychological issues and go about a NORMAL daily adult routine.

People who lost their new "toy" to a friend and feel like their world is so completely shattered over the situation that they are destroying relationships and friendships to wallow in their despair and NOT REALIZING IT.

People who are lashing out over a hurt in their life and hurting others.

People who ignore their partners and don't realize how much those partners do for them.

People who bleed their spouse dry of all finances and career options and then leave them.

People who randomly sleep with anyone they feel like regardless of the consequences.

People who let rumors forge a perception of another person.

People who let new knowledge of past behaviors change your opinion of someone when it doesn't change anything they did in any way. Related to this one are people who let knowledge of current actions change your perception and/or respect of a person change when the actions do not affect you in ANY way.

All of this drama is incredibly childish and everyone doing ANYTHING on this list really needs to re-evaluate their actions and lives and learn about growing up. They need to learn how to not be so selfish. They need to learn how to function in society.

And yes, I am guilty of at least one of the items on the list. I, unlike many of the people who prompted this post, am fully aware of the one I am mentally tagging myself with. This post is part of my attempt to NOT let it affect me now that I have identified that I am falling prey to the childish behavior.

I recommend anyone with drama in their life look at the drama and see if they are the cause of any of it. You might be surprised at your own level of childish behavior.

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