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Friday, October 22, 2010

Work vs Lunch

I often take a late lunch.
It's usually because I am working and I work straight through lunch time without realizing that lunchtime has come and gone already.
Usually, when that happens, I can manage to take a lunch when I am hungry.
Sometimes, though, that becomes an impossibility.
I had one of those days last week and I made a twitter/facebook comment about my 4:25 pm lunch.

One of my friends made an interesting reply. She said, quite plainly, what would happen if I took a lunch anyway.

I replied, quite honestly, that the work that I left behind would seek out reinforcements and, together, all of the work would ambush me upon my return from lunch.

While this is somewhat melodramatic and hyperbolic for most days there are days where it is true.

Today, a day where I NEED to leave work at 2:15, is one of those days.

The five minutes it took me to write this is the summation of all the time I have been able to do ANYTHING not work related today.
I tried to go to lunch at noon and I was inundated with 5 users all needing attention for immediate issues.
I tried to go to lunch at 12:30 and I was inundated by 3 different users with 3 different problems.
I tried to go to lunch at 1 and I realized that if I am leaving at 2:15 leaving for lunch at 1 is a bad idea and would make returning from lunch foolish... which would mean I left for the day at 1.

So, here it is, 1:50 and I am getting a few minutes to reflect on today before I leave.

Even though I am leaving early to go to a funeral, I am SOOOO glad the week is FINALLY over.

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