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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Death Happens

Death happens.
It is a part of life.
It never happens at a convenient time for the end of life is never convenient for the one dying.
It never happens at a convenient time for those left behind are left behind.

We shouldn't fear death because it happens to EVERYONE. Death is natural. Death is the ONLY thing, other than being alive, that is shared by ALL life forms.

We shouldn't mourn the passing of those we care about because their death means they lived. Their death means they EXISTED. Their death means that they had a life.

Not dying means not having existed and that is a far worse situation than eventually dying.

The next time someone you know dies keep this in mind. Celebrate their life and the fact that they existed instead of mourning their loss. Don't be sad. Don't be angry. Don't let the sense of loss crush you. Be happy and joyful that the infinitesimal probability of events that led to them existing happened instead of the infinite alternate paths that would have prevented their existence.

Remember these things.

By the way: it's ok to be sad, too. Sadness just means you're human. Humans are irrational, but that's part of what makes us what we are.

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