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Friday, October 8, 2010


It's AMAZING how much getting things done actually alleviates stress.

Today ended with a visual inventory being taken of ALL deployed laptops in one of my buildings.
This, combined with the list of people who needed laptops in the first place, gives me an accurate way to fill in the gaps with the devices I have left to hand out.
Tuesday will solve the problem of the laptops in that building. By Wednesday morning all of the required laptops will be waiting for the users when they arrive.
In a couple of weeks it will have been one full cycle that I have been responsible for this building. I am trying to make positive change to this building while working within some of the framework of the person's method who came before me. This is VERY difficult to do when they declined to leave you ANY documentation as to their methods, etc. It's been a rough year learning how the building does things and what their expectations are. The culture in the building is starting to change; but not fast enough. Many of them claim to want input on the way I do things but then are unwilling to spend the time and energy needed to make that input happen. Despite this, another year will bring a significant level of positive change to this building from my department.

In my other problematic building I make progress EVERY day I set foot in the building. The other staff in THAT building appreciate the work I do and notice my efforts. It is nice to see notes made in the minutes of meetings I was not at where my efforts were publicly commended. Working with the staff in this building is (usually) great because they show genuine desire to work WITH me so that I can work WITH them to meet THEIR needs. I appreciate it when people recognize that I am here to help them and they use me as the resource I am meant to be in a respectful manner. I am looking forward to being able to implement the changes I am outlining for the next retraction/deployment cycle because I believe that any ONE of those changes will dramatically reduce problems in the cycle - let alone if ALL of them do.

Sadly, I can't fix the labor or equipment limitations on the process.... but I CAN (and will) leverage the labor and equipment resources available to me.

All of this goes back to something I said in an earlier post: treating the person you are working with / who is serving you with respect goes a LONG way to making their life (and, eventually, yours) better.

In short: today was a good day.

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