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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Positive Reinforcement

I am taking this opportunity to remind people that a small expression of appreciation goes a LONG way to making someone feel their hard work is worthwhile.

Today was the day that I spend some time in the building I rarely get to. During the entire time I was there I got warm welcomes and people genuinely pleased for my assistance. These people are grateful when I show up to help them and even thank me when I finish.

If more of my users took those few seconds to voice appreciation for the work I, and my team, do I think we would have fewer days like the one that spawned yesterday's post.

This works for everyone you meet. If you order a sandwich for lunch: be polite to the person making it and the person who run the register for you. Thank them. Wish them a good afternoon/evening. I try to do this everywhere I go and I am surprised to see how many people are genuinely surprised that I am polite back to them. I know they appreciate it and I know I appreciate that I made their day a little better.

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