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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Time Traders - review

Andre Norton's The Time Traders is an interesting story with an interesting concept.

It starts with a criminal who is given the option of rehabilitation or to join a top secret government project.

The project is the basis for the title of the novel and further discussion will damage the reader's enjoyment of the overarching story.

Given that this is from the early years of pulp science fiction I found it a good story despite the aspects of science that have developed completely differently from the predictions Norton created.
Some additional research is warranted, but won't be undertaken because I am lazy, as to whether some of the plot contrivances used in this novel were already cliched by the time Norton used them or whether they were somewhat novel at that point or, even, whether he invented them.

The disappointing, and yet great, part of this story is that it is the first of a series of novels. This, of course, is a fact I was made aware of at the end of the recording of the first book.

I look forward to finding the rest of the series even though books two and three may not be available in the public domain yet.

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