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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Firefly - The Board Game - review

I have now, after many months, had an opportunity to sit down and play my Firefly: The Board Game with a friend.

Prior to this I have had one abandoned game with a friend and a solo adventure.

This game is great!

It has the proper flavor of The 'Verse and the show.
It has enough varying mechanics to be interesting but none of them, even collectively, are terribly complicated.

The initial run through is difficult more because of the many pieces and card decks that have to be set up.

The biggest downside, aside from the setup time, is that this game takes up a LOT of space.

I used two 6' folding tables to play.

I recommend the game and I recommend playing it alone or with friends.

Now I need to try integrating the "Pirates and Bounty Hunters" expansion.

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