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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Knights of Badassfom - review

I recently has an opportunity to see a movie that has been in production hell for several years:

This film is silly.
It's very silly.
But it is filled with actors whom I guarantee you'll think "OH that's THAT guy" (or girl) for most of the movie.

It has a simple plot and it is outrageous but it is supposed to be.

This movie is, in no way, high cinema nor is it a masterpiece worthy of critical acclaim.

What it is, though, is a film that is written and directed and acted by people who understand the LARP and reenactment communities.

The film portrays so many aspects of these communities in a way that is amusing and accurate without ridiculing them that I, as someone who has taken part in both LARP and reenactment events, was thoroughly amused.

I look forward to owning a copy of this film so I can watch it with my friends over and over again.

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