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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Deathworld - review

I read Harry Harrison's Deathworld for the first time a decade ago.
At that time I read both of the sequels.

Now that I am consuming audiobooks I decided to reread this book because I remember enjoying the entire series immensely; despite the terrible title.

At first view this is a straight-forward and simple adventure story but it has a great deal of depth beyond that.
The main character is an interesting study in psychology and his views are a thinly-veiled commentary on religion as a whole (the veil is pushed aside at the end of the book).

This book is a morality tale about unending war and the psychology of what perpetuates it as well as a commentary on the way humanity impacts the environment.

But, it is also the adventure story.

And it makes me wish I was a Pyran.

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