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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shortcomings of the OWS Movement

The second major shortcoming of the movement lies in the fracturing of the American populace.

This fracturing is evident in the people who are arguing over the movement itself. It is also evident in the divergence of behavior between the protesters and the police forces that are monitoring their situation (particularly the leadership of the NYPD).

The longer the situation is able to fracture the people of the country the longer it will damage the average person.

On the plus side, the gathering has generated a specific level of quiet from the politicians. The politicians whom have lost all touch with the very nature of the lives of the people they allegedly represent. The flip side to this fracturing is that it is highlighting the divergence in the lives of the ultra rich and the average person.

So, this one shortcoming is also the core strength of the movement.

That is something that the detractors of the movement should keep in mind when they are stating that the movement is not making any difference and cannot make any difference. It can: the politicians see that the people can be a cohesive unit. They see that we can be a single voice. They see that we want a change. They see that we view THEM as a part of the problem. The core reality is that the more people who get involved in the movement and/or support it from afar the greater the power of the movement through the reduction of the fracturing of the populace. The smaller the fracture among the general populace the greater the fracture between the populace and those whom the movement is protesting. The greater that fracture the more valid the movement will be proven to be.

If you are unsure of whether to support the movement or not based on its lack of a cohesive agenda then consider the reality that the greater the number of supporters the less the specific agenda will be needed.

Politicians do not fear their populace but if the ENTIRE populace is screaming for change they may begin to do so for fear of being not-re-elected.

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