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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Common Factor

I've been thinking a lot about the commonality in my viewpoints on things social and political.

At first I didn't see a pattern (other than finding that both the extreme right and the extreme left are filled with idiots who are more interested in protecting perception than actually helping anyone). This morning I discovered the general pattern.

That pattern is that I dislike any situation where the inappropriate behavior of a small percentage can ruin the entire experience for everyone else.

My views on social support systems can be reduced to that viewpoint.
My views on rules put in place to limit fun can be reduced to this.
My views on excessive safety requirements can be reduced to this.
My views on the Occupy Wall Street movement are entirely reduced to this.

Any time there is a small group of individuals whom are acting in such a way as to ruin whatever activity/situation for the remainder is a situation where I dislike the small group AND their behavior.

When I find a problem in the world and voice my discontent on it it, almost invariably, can be reduced to the simple statement of "Group X is doing behavior Y and the end result is that everyone else pays for it."

I encourage everyone who reads this to examine their reactions to the world and see if you, too, have a pattern to your preferences. If you do, does it hold true? Does that pattern of preference, if corrected among the entire population, allow for the world to be a better place?

I certainly hope so. I wouldn't want a world where correcting behaviors leads to a worse situation than allowing them to continue.

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