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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I like building.

I like making things that either help people (including me) or that other people enjoy.

Today I made a quick tool that makes the backup / restore / data migration process for the laptops I manage VERY easy.

I had already written the scripts that made the process automated, but now I have made a graphical app that does it for a user.

Before the user needed to know how to execute a command from the command line; now they need only double-click an icon and click a couple of self-descriptive buttons.

The only piece of knowledge they need is how to log in as the admin.

My next project will be trying to figure out how to make this script work when logged in as any user so long as the user knows the admin password.

It's just after 9AM and I have already had a productive day today (even if I accomplish nothing else).

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