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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On WikiLeaks

I am trying to be more positive so I am choosing to be amused rather than annoyed with the WikiLeaks controversy.

Why would I be annoyed? Because of the USA government's hypocrisy.
Why am I amused? Because things the USA government representatives said have, essentially, been turned back on the government.

Basically, when the USA passed The Patriot Act and put many (illegal) domestic surveillance and spying regulations and rules into effect there were many organizations that opposed the action as "draconian" and "going too far" and "an invasion of privacy." The government's response to this was, essentially, summarized as "if you're not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear."

WikiLeaks has done the same thing to the government. If the government could be fully trusted and was fully transparent about EVERYTHING that did not relate directly to national defense then they would have NOTHING TO FEAR by WikiLeaks. Instead, we find that leaks of government documents are finding their way onto the internet and causing great embarrassment of government officials. That's right, EMBARRASSMENT. People are not dying (yet). Military operations haven't (yet) been compromised. Politicians are being embarrassed by the posted material.

Politicians need to grow up and realize that the things they say to the people about not doing things wrong apply to them, too. If they weren't doing and saying things that were wrong they would have nothing to fear about living in the public eye.

If you don't want public scrutiny don't choose a profession that requires it.

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