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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The End. It was a good effort

There is one primary left.
It's Washington, D.C.

It's horrible to say, though it is completely true, that that primary does not matter.
The meager 20 delegates assigned to D.C. are insignificant except in the tightest of contests; far tighter than the one that just ended (except for D.C.) between Bernie and Hillary.

As it stands Hillary has 2,184 delegates from populace voting: Bernie 1,756.
Even if Bernie takes all 20 of D.C. it does not matter.

This voting tally is enough to generate a contested convention unless Bernie withdraws.
Given the inability of him to win, without bringing in a level of fuckery that would be undermining the populace vote, I hope he gracefully withdraws and diverts his momentum into bringing change through altering the sitting Congress and Senate in his direction. I also hope that a withdrawal will bring inertia for him to wrest control of the Democratic Party from the current leadership to rebuild a progressive platform rather than a platform of barely beating the Republicans.

All of that, though, is secondary to the intent of this post.

The intent of this is to expand upon my earlier predictions.

As I predicted, the situation would unfold such that Hillary ends up with the nomination. That is all but inevitable now.

I still predict that Hillary's nomination spells out doom for us all because it means Trump will take the Presidency.

I predict the following of a Trump Presidency:

He WILL attempt to repeal "Obamacare."
He WILL take actions to disrupt the trade between us and China and between us and Mexico.
He WILL kill the TPP (which I agree with).
He WILL support the Keystone pipeline and try to reanimate it as a project.
He WILL support continued fracking.
He WILL support continued, and expanded, oil drilling.
He WILL work with oil companies to suppress renewable energy.
He WILL try to inhibit or cancel programs that support the poor and underprivileged.
He WILL try to initiate a mass hunt and deportation of illegal immigrants.
He WILL try to mount a full-scale invasion of ISIS-controlled territory.

Why will he do these things?

The working class thinks Obamacare is an abomination that hurts them.
The working class thinks that the trade between us and China and between us and Mexico takes jobs away from the US (they're right, which is why Bernie was a proponent of bringing jobs home).
The TPP is just another way to offshore jobs and restrict our economic freedom to the benefit of the corporate executives.
The Keystone Pipeline will make jobs; the working class cannot see anything beyond that.
Fracking and continued drilling will bring reduce our foreign dependence on oil.
Renewable energy eliminates jobs in the oil industry and is "not feasible" (beliefs that the working class has, despite the reality that renewable energy CREATES jobs and is perfectly feasible).
The poor and underprivileged are, obviously, all freeloaders and shouldn't get the help they need.
The illegal immigrants are, obviously, the problem as they are taking jobs that Americans don't want from the Americans who don't want them while not paying taxes to their stolen SSNs and they're freeloading on our hospitals.
ISIS is the biggest threat to our home soil; it's definitely not white, middle-class, men in their late 20s and early to mid 30s who go crazy and take advantage of the easy access to guns in this country to commit atrocities. Nope - it's all ISIS.

What will happen?
Products from Mexico and China will increase in pricing by at least 10%, probably as much as 30%.
This will be due to a variety of factors, including the tariffs that will be imposed.
Those tariffs will generate revenue that he will use to initiate his great wall.
He will tout the tax revenue as proof that Mexico is paying for the wall and his supporters will applaud it.
His supporters will then blame the higher consumer prices on Obama and other Liberal programs to support freeloaders.
Trump supporters who are getting federal assistance will complain about the new restrictions put in place on them and their "benefits" and blame Liberals and illegal immigrants for those restrictions. Obviously THEY aren't the core demographic, they're the exception to who gets support because they work hard and just can't, quite, make it work out without help. Most people are just freeloaders.
The illegal immigration hunt will cost huge volumes of money and arrest countless people of color who are here legally and detain them for days before releasing them. Many will end up being charged with bogus crimes, or "resisting arrest" when they did nothing wrong. Some will die under mysterious conditions while in detainment. The number of illegal immigrants will decrease and it will become harder and harder to find them as they hide more effectively (and decrease in number). As they are not registered we have no way of knowing how many there are so this will become a massive cost center that always "needs more resources" to do their job.

On the plus side - I don't believe he will truly touch any of the major social issues directly. The only ones he will attack are those that the working class views as "supporting freeloaders" as his entire platform revolves around boosting the economic power of this country again.

I also predict that he will find a way to manage all of his own properties and business ventures and investments such that an impending failure of our economy serves him; because the actions above will strain the middle class through increased costs and taxation while not generating any real benefit.

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