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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Little Dinosaurs

Carefully stalking her prey she tilts her head from side to side gauging the distance.
Her fast and powerful legs propel her across the landscape to intercept her meal in mid flight.
One quick crunch and the prey is finished; turned into a nutritious and tasty snack.

Satisfied, for the moment, she turns her head to see he sisters as they patrol the field looking for tasty morsels of their own.

A delicious bounty is discovered and they all run for their share before the others consume the whole in its entirety; their wings providing just enough lift to increase their speed and make their bounds hint at flight without ever achieving it.

Their calls shatter the silence of the afternoon as they revel in tearing the newfound food apart and continue with their personal entertainment.

The stalking and hunting continues for the duration of the afternoon and the pack returns to their nest for the evening.

The farmer counts her hens as she closes up the pen for the evening. "Good night, my little dinosaurs, good night."

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