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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Alien Land - fiction

I've learned that what meaning time had was an illusion that illusion has been shattered by this place.

The landscape is an endless sea of colors; patterned in unnatural ways. Straight lines, solid colors, shapes.

The ground is soft and I can easily move across it but where do I go? Each direction holds the same empty promise of redemption and food but how do I choose a specific direction to take for each direction also holds the same certain promise that staying still will bring: death.

I cannot recall when I last fed but I know that I am ravishingly hungry.
I need to eat soon; if I do not I will starve right here and my corpse will become a blight to this unnatural setting. It will continue to dry out and become a hollow husk that lies in wait for discovery by another unfortunate being.

I wander about, aimlessly, as there is no benefit to one direction over another when the grandest bounty of my life falls from the sky. More than I could consume in a thousand lifetimes is presented to me. It's warmth glowing against my face as I progress toward my new found salvation.

I prepare to eat and rejoice. I prepare to celebrate my life and my fortune. I am praising all of creation for the luck that has spared my life.


"God damn ticks. How the hell do they keep finding their way onto the bed? Where the hell are they coming from?"

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