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Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Princess of Mars - A Review

I recently "read" Edgar Rice Burroughs' "A Princess of Mars" while commuting to and from work. This is the book that the movie "John Carter of Mars" was based upon. I found that I had difficulty with certain aspects of the book being so different from the movie that was based upon it but I did get over that aspect of my "reading" experience. I was even able to get over the complete lack of legitimate science in how the Martian (or Barsoomian) environment is completely different from reality. The one thing that kept pulling me out of this story was the lack of consistency within itself. Sometimes John's strength was much greater than other times and his agility seemed to vary wildly as well. Additionally, the abilities of the natives seemed to vary wildly depending on the scene that the reader was presented. All in all, it was a reasonable adventure story and it obviously provided an outlet for Burroughs to lay down some predictions of what might be possible with technology in a manner that seemed applicable to his adventure-writing career. But, it does not hold up to modern standards of world creation because he didn't make solid rules to then follow. I will, probably, still consume the other Burroughs books on the topic of John Carter and his Martian adventures.

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